Saturday, April 30, 2011

I might be her new hero

Where she sat for an hour, eyes on the princess.
Yesterday morning Matt had already left early for the gym and both girls woke up on the early side of six o'clock. Since Alyce was already wearing her crown before I opened her bedroom door (one ought to be extra careful and sleep with one's crown, because one just never knows), I thought it was time. Time to experience a princess whose last name isn't Disney. I leaned in close to Alyce, still in the dark of early morning, and whispered, would you like to watch a real princess get married?

It was so much fun just speaking those words to her. She was out of bed and in her TV watching chair before I could even turn on the lights. It felt like such a special occasion that I even gave Alyce her breakfast in front of the TV, something I'm kind of stickler about. But who cares of such things when there are princes and princesses getting married? Not me! Shira and I settled on the floor next to Alyce's chair, me with my coffee and Shira with whatever she was chewing on that day, and sat for over an hour watching the second half of the wedding. I discovered that Alyce does indeed have patience, when it involves princesses that is. She waited through long breaks without a real princess in sight, sitting quietly while the choir sang their beautiful songs, asking about 100 times where the Princess Kate was (instead of her usual 1000 times).

But the best part, my absolute favourite part of the morning, was when Alyce asked about the sparkly fabric hanging from the princess's head. I explained that she was wearing a veil as part of her wedding dress. Oooooh, said Alyce, that's so beautiful. I looked her in the eye, and with a look that let her know that what I was about to say was very important, I told her. I told her that her I also wore a veil when I married Papa. And that is when her big eyes got even wider. Wow, she said. I know, I said.


  1. thanks for the much needed smile!

  2. what a beautiful moment to share - thanks!

  3. My middle one was particularly enthralled with the Princess. There was a lot of criticism about the monarchy and all the money spent, but at the end of the day it was going to happen anyway. I'm just excited about ways for little magical moments to enter their lives.

  4. beautiful post... thanks for the sweet story...