Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another one

Make that seventy-five percent of our house down with a cold. Alyce has been dragging her feet now for a couple of days, and just this morning said, do you know why I'm coughing? Because my head is sweaty. You said it, sister.

Shira is feeling much better today. Our visit to the doctor resulted in another lecture (kind) lecture about how viruses just have to run their course. See I know this, but I also know there was that time I didn't take Alyce to the doctor last year when she had a cough and a few weeks later we were using nebulizer to help stop her wheezing. So now we go the doctor, even when it might be just a virus.

Fortunately, Alyce has her elephant to get through the day, and an episode or two of Dora. And see that pillowcase? This was my pillowcase when I was little, that has for some reason moved with me wherever I've gone in the world. I even took it with me to the hospital when I gave birth to Alyce. Now it's her favourite and I can't tell you magical that is. How is it that I am the mother now? It is still endlessly shocking to me.

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