Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scenes From a Long Day

Oh, Tuesday, you had it in for me. Shira was sick with a terrible cold, and, of course, she's still going on about that tooth. She's been sporting that red cheek again. And not sleeping, even a little bit.

But you weren't all bad. Alyce and Shira played their first game of Candy Land. I don't know if it is a Canadian thing, but I didn't grow up playing Candy Land, though I did read about it for years in the The Babysitter's Club books that I inhaled each month from my scholastic book order (did anyone else want to be Stacey? I was desperate for her hair and NYC flair). Alyce adored the game and insisted on spending the entire day either playing or talking about playing the game. Shira mostly ate the game pieces.

And you did give me those productive two hours where I managed to take both girls grocery shopping (and not collapse on the floor in tears). Alyce was exceedingly helpful with her tiny cart unitl she gave up in produce and announced that she was tired of having to walk and push a cart and couldn't I just carry her? I really don't know how she does it. We were also able to enjoy lunch with our favourite dates, even if it was one of those meals where the adults don't really eat so much as run interference.

And then I was able to laugh pretty hard when I found my frying pan in Alyce's bed at the end of the day, filled with dry pasta. I had forgotten that she'd swiped it from my kitchen earlier in the day. No, I did not let her sleep with my frying pan. Even I have limits.

So I might be able to forgive the rest of the day when Shira should have been napping but was instead crying, or when I had to explain to a whining Alyce that I couldn't play Candy Land again because someone needed to cook dinner and Shira was too busy crying to be of any use to us. Somehow we all survived the day and that's not bad.

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