Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Monday List, On a Tuesday

It was a long Monday. The first third of the day was pretty glorious, actually. I was all by my myself at the office, drinking my coffee, getting work done, by myself. Did I mention I was by myself? My happy little bubble burst when I arrived home to trade off with Matt, who looked as though a certain preschooler had been working him hard. He gave me that face--you know, the one where he both loathes me for having left him with The Children and loves me for returning home. I'm not sure if he actually spoke to me before sprinting out the door.

My afternoon was spent alternating between Alyce bouncing (literally) off the walls and me trying to convince her that we should watch her new DVD, Cars. Please, Alyce, I heard myself saying, just try watching it for a little while--maybe you'll like the cars, when I knew that she really just wanted to watch Rainbow Brite or The Little Mermaid. That Alyce only seems interested in princesses or girls in dresses that she can imagine are princesses, slightly depresses me. Sometimes I wonder if maybe it's not a gendered thing at all. Maybe she is just a kid who likes dresses and tiaras and royal romance and not talking cars. Maybe it has nothing to do with all the other princess-obsessed girls. Maybe Disney hasn't gotten her. Maybe you should all just stop laughing at me and let me live the dream for just a little while longer.

We made it through 30 minutes of Cars. A record.

I tried to get to this post last night, and I did manage to write a few lines, but the evening got away from me, mostly in the form of a kickboxing class at the Y. All I have to say about that is that I was gifted with the opportunity to observe my twice-pregnant belly in a wall of mirrors for sixty minutes! Jealous? Even my trusted yoga pants weren't strong enough to hide it. But no matter. I made children and I choose to proudly bounce around pretending to kickbox no matter how squishy I feel. I adored my belly while pregnant and I'm not going to turn my back on it now.

But the entire point of this post was supposed to be about my list of things to accomplish this week. In honour of Monday and my love of lists, I was hoping to share my vision for the week. (If I refer to my to-do list a vision, I'm hoping it will lend a air of excitement to my otherwise mundane list. I'm thinking big, if you will, because I have so much do get done.) So here it is:

1. Two babies have been born in the last four months and I have not actually spoken to my friends to wish them well and ask how the two babes, Balan and Paige, are doing in the world. Sure, I've sent them messages, but we've been playing phone tag in hopes of an actual conversation. This week I will talk to my friends, both of whom I miss terribly.

2. Write a blog post where I actually discuss what is going on with my job/lack of job/future plans instead of just posting photos of The Children. Or Hille.*

3. Finish and submit some article outlines for a parenting website I might be writing for in the future. Details to follow, but only if they are good details.

4. Spend some much needed time outside. I'm hoping to convince a friend (you know who you are) to find a trail somewhere for a good walk.

5. Organize the craft/project area of the living room. Alyce home full-time=lots and lots of projects. I love them as much as she does.

Five seems a reasonable number. I'll start there.

Anyone else care to share their own lists?

*I don't want to ignore The Children, though, so here are some photos from this morning, in and around breakfast:

Have a great week!

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