Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Midweek Slump

I must admit. I'm feeling a bit down today.

Even watching Alyce at swimming lessons didn't sway my mood, though it was still thirty minutes well spent. Alyce glows in the dark with her pale skin and white hair and her general pixieness, and it's all I could do not to scoop her up and jump in the pool with her myself. But I exercised great restraint and watched, from behind the glass, as Alyce taught the other kids how to scoop water from the pool into their mouths.

Shira has returned to her non-sleeping ways (with thanks to some new teeth), and in my now-familiar state of exhaustion I'm finding it hard to get moving in the world. So here I find myself, unable to feel my best. For tonight, I think I'll leave it at that. With some extra rest (see how optimistic I remain?) I can start over in the morning.

Anyone else in a midweek slump? Or maybe you have a good story to lighten my mood? I'm all ears.


  1. Slumping. Check.
    Does it still count as midweek if it's been going on for 10 days?

  2. I feel your slump. Sydney and I started our day (for the 1000000000000th time) fighting about her wearing basically a thin cotton nothing.
    I'm taking tonight off......
    Luv you....

  3. Oh, honey. Hang in there.

    I will make you smile with something my daft husband does - the first line of your blog today "I must admit"? If you can imagine that phrase being said with an English accent for a moment? If I say it, Jason always interrupts to say, "DON'T CALL ME MUSTARD MITT."



    Every time.

  4. Ugh. feeling unmotivated here. Nati's out of town, the kids had a double dentist appointment this morning, the cleaning guy rescheduled to come today (yay, cleaning guy, but there goes several hours sleep prepping the house for cleaning). My thesis advisor is visiting from NY today. I am tired.

    At least my kids are finally both sleeping through the night more often than not, at almost 2 and almost 4.

    should be more productive at work right now than I am. :(