Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Even Shira is Yawning

Though I'm not feeling much sympathy for little Shira. For the most part, I'm just not in a very generous mood. Other words for my mood today include: grumpy, impatient, irritable, fun-loving. Well, everything except that last one. Fortunately I was able to get over myself for an hour or two and take advantage of lunch with a friend. (Thanks for putting up with me, Dani.)

I would really, really like to talk about something else, but I've just reached that point where nothing else comes to mind. It's been months and months and I'm exhausted. I would love to begin a conversation about all the other stuff that is going on in our world, but when I try to speak or type all that comes out is this sludge of tired. Blurgh.

Matt, if you're reading this tonight from your quiet, child-free hotel room, we miss you here in sleepless Delaware. The girls put up with their tired mama and they are all tucked in their beds.

And I didn't even sell the cats! Although there is still tomorrow.

Come home soon.

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  1. This is why you need to move to this side of the Pond - Alyce would be in free half days of school Monday to Friday now, being 3. Get thee your free childcare! I'd say that's a good enough reason for a trans Atlantic relocation, wouldn't you?