Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Good Day

Alyce now reads to me and Shira while I'm nursing. Thanks, Alyce.

I think I've mentioned that it's been a challenge to nurse Shira these last two weeks while we've been transitioning with Alyce home full-time. But I think I've been going about it the wrong way. I've been trying to continue nursing Shira the way I did while Alyce was at school--quietly, on the bed, with few distractions. I'm sure those of you with multiple children are howling with laughter and enjoying that last little bit of my innocence right about now. Unless I actually strap Alyce in a chair in front of a movie (and even then I have doubts), I have no hope of distraction-free nursing time for Shira. So I am letting go of any expectations and accepting the chaos. Until I made this decision I had found myself at odds with Alyce, trying desperately to convince her to give me and Shira some quiet time, and ultimately, I think, making Alyce feel left out. I caught her little face falling and it's just not worth it. I will just have to trust that Shira is getting enough milk. If I looked really hard I'd bet I'd find some extra milk tucked in her arm rolls. She's the resourceful type. She'll be fine.

Shira is compensating for these changes by demanding round-the-clock access to cheese quesadillas. Seems a fair trade. I also enjoy cheese quesadillas, so we're both happy.

We all had a great day yesterday. We had some friends over for a play-date in the afternoon and Alyce was over the moon excited and proud to have a new friend over. I wish I could bottle Alyce's excitement over asking her little friend, do you want to come play in my room?, and give it away to anyone who is having a down-in-the-dumps day. I think it might immediately cure all ills. Once the girls were in bed at the end of the day I abandoned Matt and The Cats and enjoyed a wonderful dinner with a friend and her insanely adorable son, Finley. Considering that I had even made it to the gym in the morning and cleaned the bathroom, it was a pretty fantastic day.

Finley, a seasoned dinner companion, seemed to enjoy our company.

I'd love to know what you're doing for the weekend. Is spring in the air where you live? I remain optimistic.


  1. Mmmm. Making cheese quesedillas - that's what I'm doing this weekend NOW. :-)

    Saturday I will be reprising my role as "Football Widow" while I am yet again, abandoned while my husband goes to watch Newcastle United play Bolton.

    Sunday - treats! We are hoping the mild and dry weather holds out (in our particularly cold and wet part of the UK) to drive down the coast to one of my favourite places in the whole world -- the harbour town of Whitby. Google "Whitby Abbey" right now. Go on, you'll not be sorry.

  2. Do they make Alyce's PJ's in my size?!

    Tonight - Going to see Patrizia's band play and then off to a stagette.

    Saturday-I'm enjoying a quite family day...........I hope! Maybe we'll try to find Declan's soccer (or as Nic would say, Football)shoes and shin guards

    Sunday-I have a game. My goal is to not get any penalties (yeah right!) and to rack up a tonne of points for my team.

  3. I love finding out what your weekend plans are! I might have to make this mandatory each Friday. Mammy P, I hope the weather holds out for you. I can't believe you live there. And to my roller girl, I'll send you my best non-penalty thoughts!

    Ok, who's next?