Saturday, January 1, 2011

Was Anyone Else in Bed Before Eight?

Is everyone relaxing and recovering at home today? I was asleep by 7:45 pm. It was the best New Year's present ever. I'm really looking forward to when the girls are a bit older and we can all spend New Year's Eve together with a bunch of games and good food. Maybe we'll be a little crazy and invite some friends, too. I'm already thinking about the menu. It's looking good.

Meanwhile, here are some of my favourite moments of 2010:

From the top, left to right:

My first trip away from Alyce. I was six months pregnant with Shira, and spending a week in Canada. Matt sent me this photo while he and Alyce were making "I miss you, Mama" signs.

Alyce's first big kid haircut; My mum spent two weeks here with us, waiting and waiting for Shira to arrive. I went into labour the day after she left. As much as I wanted mum to be there for Shira's birth, the time we spent together, just the three of us girls, was worth it.

Alyce tried out her old car seat, just to make sure it was alright for Shira. At that moment, Alyce became a big kid to me.

Then Shira arrived. That was a good day.

The only photo of the four of us.

I'll never know what the two of them have together, but I can sense them plotting already.

Alyce's word for 2010? Silly. When I'm having a hard day with her and her three-ness, I look at this photo.

Shira, having already become entrenched in our family, as though she was always here.

My Halloween fairy princess.

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