Friday, December 10, 2010

Dinner Eggs

We pick up Alyce from preschool around 4:30, and so begins the evening madness. I fret about getting dinner together (I am the lone cook in this house, though Matt occasionally makes a delicious salmon), and Shira inevitably wants to nurse again, and I've usually become preoccupied with something earlier in the day and so forgot to clear my mess from the table, and you get the idea. But the chaos is all mine and I love it.

And I think he does too.

Last night we ended up having breakfast for dinner, which we end up doing a lot around here. Alyce is currently petitioning Michelle Obama to include maple syrup on the list of best foods for kids, and so we find ourselves having pumpkin pancakes or french toast more than we probably should. This time we feasted on dinner eggs, which look remarkably similar to breakfast eggs. But they were delicious. Alyce even helped to pour the orange juice, which I did not capture on film as I was too busy helping to clean up spills.

And just one of these days, Alyce will stay in her chair long enough to eat her dinner. Or, most likely, we'll find a glue strong enough. To be fair, though, Alyce was busy providing the evening entertainment: she can elicit belly laughs from Shira like no one else. Now if only she could do that from her own seat.

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