Friday, November 19, 2010

A Hard Day

I'm afraid that Friday is letting me down. It usually has such promise as the lead-in to the weekend, but Friday is just not holding up its end of the deal this week. It's been a rough day.

One day my husband and I were casual friends with an eye on each other. Then we became us, Danielle and Matt, and we spent ninety-eight percent of our time enjoying getting to know each other (the other two percent was firmly dedicated to our studies). Next we were married. A warm day in June, in my mother's backyard, just a handful of our favourite people. Hands down, a fantastic day. One of the greatest.

Neither of us had been married before, so we just have figure all this out as we go along. You know what else we hadn't done before? Be parents. Talk about a learning curve. I think someone may have once said that it would be useful if children came with instruction booklets (I think maybe a lot of people have said this). Honestly, I'm just not sure how useful these books would be. If they are anything like Ikea instructions, where you always end up with extra parts after putting together your new bookcase, the kids might not fare so well. So we learn as we go, relying on each other. Lucky for us, we laugh a lot. All four of us.

So on a day like today, when things are a little tough, I remind myself that while we are not experts at marriage and parenting, and that's ok. We are us, Danielle and Matt and Alyce and Shira. Quite the foursome, don't you think? We do.

Lucky for Friday, it is almost Shabbat, and so this day will be turning around any minute now, I can just tell. There are sunflowers on the table, risotto to be made, wine at the ready. I knew in the end that Friday wouldn't really let me down.

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