Saturday, November 20, 2010

Drunk Dialing

We've all been there. Come on, fess up. Perhaps you overindulged one night and all of a sudden you're reaching for the phone and dialing your ex's number. Or that new crush you've had your eye on. Or, gasp, your boss.

I think the same rules apply to blogging about your almost three year old after a full day of whining. An ENTIRE day of it. It was one of those "I have reached my fill and it's still four hours before her bedtime" kind of days. I am weak and vulnerable right now and I might say something I'll regret later. Because I love her to pieces but today was lo-ong.

So I'll leave you instead with this delicious (pre)school photo that came home this week. Because it's hard to be annoyed when you see this:

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