Sunday, October 10, 2010

Food and kids, though not necessarily in that order

It is the end of a full weekend for us. On Friday night things didn't look promising--Alyce was just miserable and the whining was, dare I say, going to drive us all to the madhouse. Then it occurred to us: maybe this kid has an ear infection. Since cold and flu season entered our home a few weeks ago this was a distinct possibility. But since Alyce hasn't really had an ear infection before we didn't see it coming. But then we saw it, loud and clear. I'm happy to report that one day into her antibiotics she has already returned to the Alyce we all know and love.

To make the weekend even more intense, we decided to give Shira her first non-breastfeeding meal! My little baby is now a grown-up who eats food. I've been moping around the house lately longing for my littlest one to stay little just a bit longer, but it was time. She's been giving me the stink-eye at mealtimes for two weeks and I finally admitted that it was time. Today we started with some boring old brown rice cereal, but we have bigger plans for later in the week.

I had intended just to show up here tonight and share some of my favourite discoveries of the week and here I've gone on talking about my children. Imagine that!

Back to the plan. I've been obsessed with some wonderful food blogs lately and so allow me to share:

From one of my favourite blogs, Sweet Amandine: I want to make this kettle corn every single day.

I haven't tried making bread this way, but I would like to host a dinner party just to try it out.

I think I may have found my soul mate. I didn't know that someone else liked breakfast as much as I do.

Night night.

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